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Berlin Diary,Rosemarie Blank
Berlin Diary

Berlin Diary

BERLIN DIARY is a visual account of my observations in Berlin, focusing particularly on the city’s non-Germans.

Shot in the winter and springtime of 2010 and 2011, the film portrays various types of foreigners who try to make the best of life in this city. Most of them told me that they feel at home in Berlin. But I wanted to know how these foreigners live and survive, and what “feeling at home” in Berlin actually means to them.

80’ / video / colour
Dir: Rosemarie Blank
Prod: Casafilm, Doc.Eye Film
Sc: Rosemarie Blank
D.O.P.: Rosemarie Blank, Yvonne Mohr
Completed: February 2012
Language: German/Turkish (English subtitles)

Rosemarie Blank:
a.o. JOB AND THE DUTCH FREE STATE (2009, short doc), AS REAL LIFE (2003, doc), NOW BOARDING (2001, short), FAREWELL PAVEL (1999, feature), CROSSING BORDERS (1994, feature).

Ph: +31 20 626 5550

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