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About That Life by Shady El-Hamus
About That Life

About That Life

Three friends are driven apart by impending end to high school life, only to learn that friendship doesn't depend on chosen life paths.

Bilal (17), Gregg (17) and Kev (18) can't wait for 'real life' to finally begin. While the three boys are all driven by a lust for life, they couldn't be more different. Bilal is a force of nature with no regard for rules. Gregg is Bilals calm counterpart. Kevin is struggling to be more self confident. In De Libi Bilal, Gregg and Kev are driven apart by the looming end of high school life, only to ultimately learn their friendship doesn't depend on their chosen paths.

100' / colour

Genre: comedy, drama, coming of age
Original title: DE LIBI
Dir: Shady El-Hamus
Prod: The Rogues - Guusje van Deuren, Rianne Poodt, Harmen Kreulen
Sc: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat, Shady El-Hamus
D.O.P.: Stephan Polman
Completed: May 2019
Language: Dutch
Cast: Bilal Wahib (BROTHERS, LAYLA M.), Danïel Kolf, Oussama Ahammoud.

Shady El-Hamus:
a.o. MALIK (2017, short), NIGHTSHADE (2017, short) Award: Golden Star-El Gouna FF, FAIRUZ (2015, short), MAGNESIUM (2012, graduation short).

The Rogues

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