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8th Dutch Filmweek in Havana

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8th Dutch Filmweek in Havana

16 October 2018

This week the 8th edition of the Dutch Filmweek (8ta Semana de Cine Holandés) starts in Havana, Cuba. The Filmweek is organized by the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) in collaboration with Cinemateca de Cuba, the Netherlands Embassy and Eye International and takes place October 17 to October 26.

The Dutch Filmweek in Havana opens with the documentary Deaf Child. Director Alex de Ronde will be present and introduce his film in person. Deaf Child is a movie about the de Ronde's son Tobias, who was one year old when his parents were confronted with the news that he'd been born deaf. Now that he is a young adult, his father looks back on the choices he made as a parent.

The festival presents three Dutch Oscar-winning feature films as well: The Assault (1986) by Fons Rademakers, Antonia's Line (1995) by Marleen Gorris and Character (1997) by Mike van Diem. Also included in the programme are the two recent features Sonny boy (2011) by Maria Peters and La Holandesa (2017) by Marleen Jonkman, and the documentary Wild Amsterdam (2018) by Mark Verkerk.

The Dutch Filmweek is part of the Netherlands' Cultural Month - Orange Festival (Festival Naranja, Sept-Oct), during which audiences at different venues in the Cuban cities Havana and Matanzas can enjoy not just film, but also music, photography and other art forms, all showing the connections between Cuba and the Netherlands.

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