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6th Dutch Filmweek Havana

March 17, 2016

Friday March 18 the 6th Dutch Filmweek Havana (6ta Semana de Cine Holandés) kicks off. The Dutch Filmweek is organised by EYE International and the Netherlands Embassy in Havana, in collaboration with ICAIC (Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos) and Cinemateca de Cuba.

The programme will be opened with historical drama The Admiral by director Roel Reiné, in the presence of lead actor Frank Lammers.

Another special event is the presentation of the documentary Bittersweet. Marieke Niestadt's debut film is about boxer Diana Prazak and her trainer Lucia Rijker, in preparation of the title fight against world champion Frida Wallberg. Both director Marieke Niestadt and Lucia Rijker, who co-produced the film, will be present with the screening.

During the Filmweek Frank Lammers and Marieke Niestadt are also invited as guest lectureres at the film academies Havana and San Antonio de los Baños.

Furthermore several successful Dutch films will be presented to the Cuban audience: feature films Blood, Sweat and Tears by Diederick Koopal, The Surprise by Mike van Diem, The Storm by Ben Sombogaart, Soof by Antoinette Beumer, the documentaries Sombra Di Kolo by Angela Roe, Around the World in 50 Concerts by Heddy Honigmann, Our Coast by Ireen van Ditshuyzen and the family films Finn by Frans Weisz and Arne Toonen's Little Gangster.

The Dutch Filmweek takes place March 18 - 27 and celebrates its ten year anniversary.

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Dutch Filmweek Havana trailer: https://youtu.be/xjZWdvlVe_A


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