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3rd Builders'street (Pim Zwier, 2018)
3rd Builders' street

3rd Builders' street

For an older generation in Russia the first panel houses, nicknamed Khrushchovka, still embody  improvement. Although these houses had their disadvantages from the start, they meant a step forward. And this improved is warmheartedly being remembered. For the following generations the various types of panel houses build since the 1960s often embody a failed utopia.This duality is accentuated by the use of colour separation in video which brings colour to the monotonous grey housing blocks, a reference to the utopian potential, while the black and white photos reveal that this utopian potential was unfulfilled.

3rd Builders' street was inspired by the colour separation photography of Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii and was filmed during the CEC Artslink residence in Saint Petersburg. For his photographic survey of Russia Prokudin-Gorskii made several journeys between ± 1905 and 1915 to portray various types of architecture and people of the Russian Empire. In accordance to Prokudin Gorskii's photographical survey of Russia, 3rd Builders' street is part of a series of videos and photographs based on colour separation which portray contemporary Russia.

13'30" / DCP, HD file / colour

Genre: experimental
Original filmtitle: 3rd Builders' street
Dir: Pim Zwier
Producer: Pim Zwier
Scenario: Pim Zwier
Language: no dialogue
Completed: 2018

Pim Zwier:
(all short, selection) Roosje's Athlete 35133 (2004), Bidcatcher (2007, co-dir), Jolanda 23 (2008, doc), Sarah Ann (2008), Sutrapeze (2010), Oerdak, Poem in Progress (2010), Atemberaubend (2012), Alles was irgendwie nützt/All What Is Somehow Useful (2014), They Call Us the Enemy (2015)

Distributor: EYE Experimental
Ph: +31 20 589 1446

Festival Selections: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018, Nederlands Filmfestival 2018, Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2018, Asola Art Film Festival 2018

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