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12 Month in 1 Day by Margot Schaap
12 Months in 1 Day

12 Months in 1 Day

Misha, Seb and Yvonne drift away from a New Year's Eve party and start walking not knowing where they are heading. Coping with the loss of their brother, old friend and first love, they delay time: while they experience their continuous walk to last only 24 hours, in fact an entire year passes.

75' / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: EEN DAG IN 'T JAAR
Dir: Margot Schaap
Prod:Een van de jongens
Sc: Margot Schaap, Johan Sonnenschein
D.O.P.: Casper Brink
Completed: January 2015
Language: Dutch
Cast: Michael Bloos, Vera Ketelaars, Anne Gehring.

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Margot Schaap:
First feature film.

Een van de jongens
Ph: +31 20 894 3628



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