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100 Eyes by Thijs Bayens
100 Eyes

100 Eyes

Iris dreams of learning the craft of filmmaking in Rio de Janeiro. Her father Pavo seems to have no artistic ambitions until he starts to work on a film about his own childhood. He enlists the Brazilian 'cinema novo' director Oscar and invests all he has. Iris feels attracted to Oscar. When he leaves she realizes that Pavo worked on the film to make her see that art creates selfish monsters unable to choose anything or anyone but art itself.

100' / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: 100 EYES
Dir: Thijs Bayens
Prod: Making Of Foundation
Sc: Thijs Bayens
D.O.P.: Richard van Oosterhout, Maarten van Rossem, Josje van Erkel, Alex Wuijts
Completed: 2017
Language: Dutch
Cast: Kiki van Deursen (MANSLAUGHTER, GODFORSAKEN), Raymond Thiry (BETWEEN 10 AND 12, WOLF), André Gago (CINZAS, VIDAS DE SAL).

Thijs Bayens:
First feature film.
FALLING (1998, doc).

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