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Without Sun by Paul de Ruijter
Without Sun

Without Sun

In the northernmost point of Europe, for two months a year the sun does not rise above the horizon. Without Sun is about this period of darkness and gives an impression of the inhabitants who wait, who have to cope with the darkness and yearn for light. The film is like a painting. A collage of moments that represent the overall feeling of the inhabitants of Without Sun. These are the moments in which people wait, sleep or are playing on there phones.

30’ / DCP, HD file / colour

Genre: experimental, documentary
Original title: Het nachtelijk halfrond
Dir: Paul de Ruijter
Prod: Luuk Hoekx, Miel van Welzen
Sc: Paul de Ruijter
Language: Norwegian, Javanese, English subtitles
Completed: 2016

Paul de Ruijter:
first film

Nederlandse Filmacademie
Ph: +31 20 527 7333

Distributor: EYE Experimental

Ph: +31 20 589 1446

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