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The Renovation by Will Koopman

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THE RENOVATION golden film

September 17, 2012

Dutch feature film THE RENOVATION has reached the status of Golden Film. More than 100.000 tickets have been sold already since the film’s release in Dutch cinemas on September 6.

THE RENOVATION is directed by Will Koopman and written by Lex Wertwijn. The film is produced by Column Film. Previously Koopman directed the national box office hits THE DARK HOUSE and VIPER’S NEST.

In THE RENOVATION a successful plastic surgeon is confronted with serious financial problems when the renovation of her house is getting out of hand. A friend from the past offers a to help, but what he wants in return, brings her into a highly dangerous situation. The film is an adaptation of the highly popular book of the same title by the best-selling thriller writer Saskia Noort.

The Golden/Platinum/Diamond Film Award is awarded when the number of tickets sold after a film’s release is 100.000, 400.000, and 1.000.000 respectively. The prize is an initiative presented by the Netherlands Film Festival  and the Netherlands Film Fund since 2001 and is intended to encourage the Dutch film industry and motivate the general public to go and see Dutch films.

The film is distributed in the Netherlands by Entertainment One Benelux and is screening at 109 national cinemas at the moment.

For more information:
Column Film
Ph: +31 20 572 2700

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