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Missing by Jochem de Vries

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Short "Missing": 3 awards in one week!

Director Jochem de Vries received three international awards in the last week for his short film Missing.

Missing was awarded with the Best Short Film Award at the Ljubijana Film Festival in Slovenia. The jury stated that “the winning film explores childhood and family with a directness and simplicity that allow us to glimpse apparently ordinary events which say much about the people concerned, their milieu, and their society. Free of inherent judgment or insinuation, its content is left fully open to interpretation of the viewer. It is executed with the economy and confidence that mark the best work in the short-film format ”.

At the Zagreb Film Festival Missing received the Golden Pram award for the Best Short Film. The jury stated 'The director reminded us in a very poetic way of how hard it is to be a child. In a subtle way we also feel the needs of a child who is aware that it can’t choose those dearest to it.'

And at the Interfilm Festival in Berlin Missing received the Berlin-Brandenburg Short Award for Best Film in the International Competition.

Missing shows how a mother and her 7-year old daughter are dealing with the little problems of every day life. For the mother bringing her daughter to school and not being late for the girl’s school trip, is clearly not a very ordinary occasion. Jochem de Vries also wrote the screenplay, the film is produced by Trueworks.

Missing was previously selected for the short film competition of the Cannes International Film Festival 2009. And screened at many international film festivals a.o. Sarajevo, Hamptons, Sao Paulo, London and Stockholm.

Ljubijana Film Festival (11-22 Nov, 2009)

Interfilm Festival (3 -8 Nov, 2009)

Zagreb Film Festival (Oct 18-24, 2009)



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