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Four Dutch Docs at Sardegna SIEFF 2012

Dutch Docs DAUGHTERS OF MALAKEH, OUR NEWSPAPER, PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM and TOBACCO TRUTHS AND RUMMIKUB have been selected for the Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival (SIEFF). The 30th edition of the festival takes place from 15 - 23 September 2012 in Nuoro, Italy.

This Festival is organised by the Istituto Superiore Etnografico of Sardinia.

DAUGHTERS OF MALAKEH, directed by Sharog H. Manesh & Jet Homoet and produced by Bonanza Films. In the film we see three generations of women, wedged between two worlds, struggle to give shape to their lives in present-day Iran. In the world outside they wear headscarves and obey the rules of the state, yet in their world at home breadwinner Maryam runs the show, aided by her mother and her younger sister Ghazal. When Maryam wants to get married, however, these two worlds clash painfully, and the entire family gets involved.

PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM is directed by Boris Gerrets and produced by Pieter van Huystee Film. The film is shot entirely on a mobile phone camera. The film evolved from two chance encounters in the streets of London. Its protagonists are Sandrine, an attractive young woman from Brazil on a mission to find a husband, Steve, a seasoned beggar, whose life is a continuous struggle with drug addiction and Precious, a poet who became Steve's girlfriend. Soon questions arise about the relationship between the filmmaker and the people he films and about real and imagined realities.

OUR NEWSPAPER is directed by Eline Flipse. In Uljanovsk province, 800 kms from Moscow, a journalist leaves the official newspaper to establish a new one: finally he is able to write about the real conditions, difficulties and expectations of the local community.

TOBACCO TRUTHS AND RUMMIKUB is directed by Steef Meyknecht. Life in Nieuwland, a district of Schiedam, Holland, told through the stories of four of its inhabitants.

For more information:

Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival (SIEFF): www.sieff.isresardegna.it

Bonanza Films
Ph: +31 20 626 3801

Pieter van Huystee Film
Ph: +31 20 4210 606

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