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Kiem Holijanda by Sarah Veltmeijer

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Crystal Bear for Kiem Holijanda

24 February 2018

Netherlands short film takes top prize in Berlin Film Festival Generation 14 plus awards

The awards given out last Friday night at the Berlin International Film Festival saw the Dutch team behind Kosovo-set short film, Kiem Holijanda triumph in the Berlinale’s Generation section, the most important dedicated children’s and youth programme among the A-list festivals of the world, taking home the Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film in the section Generation 14plus.

The jury motivation for the award states:

The Crystal Bear for Best Short Film goes to a film that impressed us by placing its focus on an intimate relationship. We are grateful to have been given a glimpse into the everyday world of two authentic characters. The film won us over with its ability to communicate subtle emotions and grant insight into the societal situation of a region lost in the past.

Kiem Holijanda is Directed by Sarah Veltmeyer, co written by Tom Bakker, produced by Jeroen Beker and Sabine Veenendaal of production house Submarine. The film portrays a day in the lives of  brothers Andi (13) and Florist (20) who live in a poor and desolate village in Kosovo. By selling milk they earn just enough money to support the family. When Andi discovers a card of a Dutch porn star in their bedroom he needs a mobile phone to watch her. He is so obsessed with this, he doesn’t notice his brother has chosen this day to say goodbye to him.

Kiem Holijanda was supported by a.o. the Netherlands Film Fund.

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