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Brothers by Bram Schouw


When you have always lived in someone's shadow, how do you come into the light.

When Alexander suddenly leaves on a road trip to France, Lukas decides to join him as he's been trailing his charismatic brother for his entire life. But during this journey he discovers that he finally has to go his own way, not knowing this decision would be so all-encompassing.

105' / colour

Genre: action/adventure, drama, road movie
Original title: BROERS
Dir: Bram Schouw
Prod: BALDR Film - Frank Hoeve, Katja Draaijer
Sc: Marcel Roijaards
D.O.P.: Jasper Wolf
Completed: January 2017
Language: Dutch, English, French
Cast: Jonas Smulders (VENTOUX, BOYS), Niels Gomperts (LENA, SHOCKING BLUE), Christa Théret (RENOIR, LOL), Rufus (AMÉLIE).

Bram Schouw:
First feature film.
a.o. ALL THOSE SUNFLOWERS (2015, short), SEVILLA (2012, short) Awards: a.o. Grand Prix Altkirch, Audience Award Bordeax, NINA SANTANA (2011, TV Film), IMPASSE (2009, short), MARRIAGE (2005, short).

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