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Film Trade Associations

Industry Guide > Film Trade Associations
Keizersgracht 676
1017 ET Amsterdam
M. +31 6 10109309

Screen Actors Guild
Assistant Directors Club

Milo Rietvelt
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 150-B
1096 AR Amsterdam
Cell: +31 65 580 1569

The Assistant Directors Club is professionalizing their members by sharing information and education of their members amongst their members to get the profession of Assistant Director on a higher level.
Association of Crew Members (Vereniging Crewbelangen)
p/a Antwerpsestraat 16
2587 AG Den Haag
F. +31 70 365 1599
Cell: +31 626030525
The Association of Crew Members was founded in 2004 and aims to look after the best interest of crew members as professional suppliers in the film and TV branche.
Association of New Film and Television Makers (VERS)
Postbus 3877
1001 AR Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 6226931
The aim of the biggest Dutch film makers association VERS (New Film- and Television Makers) is to connect both new and more experienced film- and tv makers. Members are informed on work related topics, with a.o workshops, website, newsletter, online magazine and popular monthly evenings with drinks.
Association of the Netherlands Animation Producers (VNAP)
Peter Lindhout
Secretariat: NIAF St. Josephstraat 135
5017 GG Tilburg
Ph. +31 13 5324075
F. +31 13 5800057
Association of Dutch Film Critics (KNF)

Postbus 10650
1001 ER Amsterdam
Ph.+31 6 21534555

The purpose of the KNF is to safeguard the professional interest of its members, especially the freedom and ethics of film journalism. The KNF aims to operate as a contact between its members and the national and international film institutions. 

DAMD (Dutch Animation & Motion Design)
Jan Tooropstraat 1
1062 BK Amsterdam
Ph. +31 6 51638098
Directors of Media (former VAP)
Weteringeschans 223
1017 XH Amsterdam
Ph.+31 20  6278949

Dutch Association of Film and Television Makers (NBF)
Contact: Mardou Jacobs
Rokin 91
1012 KL Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 6646588
F. +31 20 6643707


Founded in 1952, NBF is the largest and oldest association of professional film and television makers in the Netherlands. NBF provides both its members and other professional organizations in the industry with services and personal support.
Dutch Association of Phonogram and Videogram Producers (NVPI)
Wouter Rutten
Albertus Perkstraat 36
1217 NT Hilversum
Ph. +31 35 6254411
F. +31 35 6254410

NVPI improves the legal position of producers of sound, video and interactive-media productions. Represents the industries concerned in other bodies and in negotiations, fights piracy and provides objective information about developments in the market.
Dutch Directors Guild (DDG)
Janette Kolkema
Rokin 91
1012 KL Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 6842807
F. +31 20 6885299

The Dutch Directors Guild aspires to promote the professional, social, artistic and legal interests of film, documentary and television directors in The Netherlands.
Dutch Exhibitors Association (NVB)
Gulian Nolthenius
P.O. Box 92098
1090 AB Amsterdam
Ph. +31.20.4266100
F. +31.20.4266115
Dutch Film Distributors' Association (NVF)
J. Huijsdens (interim)
Hogehilweg 6
1101 CC Amsterdam
P.O. Box 12040
1100 AA Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 3868630
Trade association within the Netherlands representing the interests of independent and major film distributors. The NVF is a member of NFC (Netherlands Federation for Cinematography) and FIAD (International Federation of Film Distributors Associations).
Dutch Screenwriters Guild (Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers)
Anne Zeegers
Van Deysselhuis
De Lairessestraat 125
1075 HH Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 6234296
F. +31 20 6247755

The Dutch Screenwriters Guild represents Dutch screenwriters in film, television, radio, animation, transmedia & documentary. Members have access to advice, information and legal services. Authors’ rights on every possible level are an important focus point.
Film Producers Netherlands (FPN)
Marjan van der Haar
Korte Zoutkeetsgracht 2
1013 MC Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 6270061
Nederlandse Federatie van Cinematografie (NFC)
Postbus 143
1180 AC Amstelveen

Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC)
P.O. Box 94280
1090 GG Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 5277387
F. +31 20 4212971
The NSC defines duties, responsibilities and work field of the D.O.P. and forms a platform for professionals. The NSC is a member of the Dutch Film Federation and IMAGO.

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