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Stand-by Office (2017) by Randa Maroufi
Stand-by Office

Stand-by Office

We are introduced to a group of people within an office environment. everyday work gestures are observed throughout the building. nothing seems out of place. As the camera leas us steadily through the rooms our perception of this particular space gradually changes. We are left wondering: what does this office mean to this group of people?
The group of people we observe are part of We Are Here, a group of refugees in Amsterdam that does not get any housing provided by the government but also is not allowed to work and therefore should live on the street. The group decided to make the inhumane situation that they have to live in visible, by no longer hiding, but showing the situation of refugees that are out of procedure in The Netherlands.

With the support of  Culture Resource's Production Awards Program, CBK Zuidoost, Le Fresnoy, Cinelabs Romania.

13'40" / DCP, HD file / colour 

Genre: experimental
Original title: Stand-by Office
Dir: Randa Maroufi
Prod: Randa Maroufi
Sc: Randa Maroufi
Language: English
Completed: 2017

Randa Maroufi:
(all short) Dear Dad (2013), The Great Safae (2014), Le Park/The Park (2015), Stand-by Office (2017)

Distributor: EYE Experimental
Ph: +31 20 589 1446

Festival selections: IndieLisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema Independente de Lisboa , 2017; EMAF – European Media Art Festival Osnabruck , 2017; Filmadrid Festival Internacional de Cine , 2017; Ardèche Images – états généraux du film documentaire de Lussas , 2017; Prospectif Cinéma – Centre Pompidou, 2017; Glassbox Paris, 2017; Kasseler Dokfest, 2017


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