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Dutch Animation at Annecy 2018

Dutch Animation at Annecy 2018 Dutch Animation at Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2018... - Read more

The Trial wins at Visions du Réel

The Trial wins at Visions du Réel The Trial wins main prize at Visions du Réel in Nyon. ... - Read more

Frank Hoeve Dutch Producer on the Move Cannes

Frank Hoeve Dutch Producer on the Move Cannes Frank Hoeve of BALDR will represent The Netherlands at Cannes ... - Read more

Six Dutch Documentaries at Hotdocs 2018

Six Dutch Documentaries at Hotdocs 2018 The blooming Dutch documentary industry is well represented at the 25th ... - Read more


In 1997 European Film Promotion (EFP) was launched with 10 founding members and has meanwhile become a leading international promotion organisation in Europe. With an extended membership of 30 organisations, representing 31 different European countries, EFP has throughout the years sought to address the critical issue of improved marketing and promotion of European films. The network promotes European cinema through its joint initiatives, and at the same time, respects and encourages the individuality and richness of each national cinema of Europe.
An important characteristic of EFP as an organisation, and one which makes it unique, is its commitment to networking ie the building and maintaining of relationships with a wide range of individuals, groups or institutions who share common interests, goals or expertise. The EFP Network is valuable for the on-going exchange of business information, ideas and support and offers various opportunities for linkage to groups of professionals within the framework of its initiatives.
The networking of industry professionals is a key element of EFP's events. The members of EFP carefully select professionals from their native lands to participate in the collaborative initiatives. Many European film professionals have reaped the benefits of an expanding network of contacts involving directors, actors, producers and sales agents. Cooperating with European professionals is of great importance to the members of EFP as their activities accurately reflect the current market realities as well as offering a strong view to the future of a rapidly evolving market place.

EFP organizes special events at the Berlin, Cannes and Toronto International Film Festivals and has developed a strong collaboration with Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea.



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