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Johan van der Keuken

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Centre Pompidou honours Van der Keuken

11 January 2018

16 years after his early death and four years after the widely acclaimed exhibition at EYE in Amsterdam, the Bibliothèque publique d’information (Bpi) of the Centre Pompidou in Paris is organizing the biggest Johan Van der Keuken retrospective ever held outside the Netherlands. Some feature films and available short films have never been shown before in France. Most are coming from the collection of EYE Film Museum.
The retrospective celebrates the start of a new French initiative promoting Documentary Film: the Cinémathèque du Documentaire. This initiative consists of a nationwide network of festivals, institutions, archives and even television channels, aiming to promote Documentary Film. The Bibliothèque publique d’Information of the Centre Pompidou, also home to the prestigious Cinéma du Réel film festival, has been selected as the Parisian antenna of the Cinémathèque and will organize over 400 documentary screenings this year.

The choice of Dutch documentary filmmaker Van der Keuken to launch the Cinémathèque du Documentaire is a living proof that his work is highly appreciated in France, even more so by the presence of prestigious French filmmakers and critics presenting Johan’s films: Claire Simon, Julie Bertuccelli and François Albéra. From the Netherlands, filmmaker Ramon Gieling, producer Pieter van Huystee and editor Menno Boerema will introduce the film of their choice.

The retrospective will be officially opened on the 17th of January by Van der Keuken’s widow and lifelong collaborator, Noshka van der Lely and continues until March 2018.

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